Fractals! My fascination with Fractals!
Fractal Art takes Fractals and enhances their beauty even more.

A fractal is a never-ending self-similar pattern across different scales.
A Fractal is a pattern that repeats forever, and every part of the Fractal, regardless of how much you zoomed in or zoomed out – it looks very similar to the whole image.

Fractal patterns are familiar, since nature is full of fractals. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells and more.
Take a tree. Each tree branch, from the trunk to the tips, is a copy of the one that came before it. This is a basic principle that we see over and over again in the fractal structure of organic life forms throughout the natural world.

Abstract fractals – such as the Mandelbrot Set – can be generated by a computer calculating a simple equation over and over.

Fractal art is rarely drawn or painted by hand. It is usually created indirectly with the assistance of fractal-generating software. In some cases, other graphics programs are used to further modify the images produced. The Julia set and Mandelbrot sets can be considered the best knowns forms of fractal art.

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Bryce 3D Art

Credit: David Brinnen

The original Bryce software was created to render realistic computer images of mountain ranges and coastlines based on fractals.

Bryce 1.0 appeared in 1994 for Mac, and Bryce 2.0 came out for Windows in 1996. New additions were independent light sources, complex atmospheric effects, primitive forms and a better Texture Editor.

When Bryce was purchased by the Corel corporations in 2000 Version 5.0 now also included new features like Tree Lab and Metaballs.

In 2004 the software was sold to Daz 3D. and Version 5.5 included the Daz Studio Character plugin that allowed Humans to be added into the landscape.

As of October 2018 Bryce development was stopped. Daz3D has mainly morphed into a way to create human characters.

The art featured here is from the early days of Bryce. Artist being … Artists … it didn’t take long to go from Landscapes to Abstract Art.

These are some of the most stunning pieces I have found.

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