How to get discounts on apps

This is going to be as short little review on how I tend to get nice discounts on the regular or even discounted price of software.

  • When I see a program I want to purchase I obviously have already visited their website and read all there is to read.
    This has already landed some cookies in my browser from that website.
    So Step 1 is done.
  • Step 2 is DO NOT BUY YET! Wait a little and go visit some more.
  • Step 3 is to create an account where you provide your email, put the product into your shopping cart and then BACK OUT.
    Abandoned carts trigger an alert at the seller.
  • Step 4 – wait for an email from the seller. If a nice discount is offered – go ahead and buy. If not …
  • Step 5 – wait a bit more. The email you got likely had a tracker so the company knows you opened it.
    If that first email didn’t trigger a sale they more than likely will give you one in the second email.

This technique seems to work even for programs that are already on sale and discounted to start with.

Good Luck shopping!