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Never heard of Escape Motion?
Allow me to tell you all about the company and their software – Seeing I own every one of their art programs:
Inspirit, Flame Painter, Rebelle and Amberlight

Escape Motions is a small studio of creatives and coders dedicated to developing innovative visual tools. They love to experiment with interactive art, new media and code to find new expression ways and bring yet unknown experience for artists and designers who want to stand out from the crowd.

Inspirit is a relaxing painting app for creative souls that lets you create mesmerizing mandalas and kaleidoscope artworks and watch them slowly evolve in time.
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Plant - Flame Painter - Susanne McMillan Art

Flame Painter creates special effects with particle brushes ranging from fire, smoke, bokeh to rain, clouds and other patterns.

Rebelle 5 is a perfect solution for artists seeking the realistic behavior of wet and dry painting mediums in digital form.
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Reviews for Amberlight to follow

How did it all begin? What’s the story behind Escape Motions?

Peter Blaškovič, a young designer from Slovak Republic, developed in 2009 a painting application called it Flame Painter. Its unique particle brushes allow artists to create original artworks, light effects or unconventional designs.

Escape Motions team keeps expanding its software family with equally unique and innovative programs that encourage artists’ creativity. Amberlight 2 is a perfect tool for all digital artists who love to experiment with beautiful computer-generated fractal-like images and animations.

A relaxing painting app for creative souls, Inspirit, soothes the soul and lets you create mesmerizing mandalas and kaleidoscope artworks and watch them slowly evolve in time.

The award-winning painting software Rebelle 5 blurs the line between traditional and digital painting. Thanks to its unique technology, it is the closest a digital tool has ever come to the flow, spontaneity, and feel of real-world materials. Appreciated by illustrators around the globe, watercolors, acrylics, inks, wet and dry tools truly come alive on your computer screen.