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Create beautiful Mandala & Kaleidoscope Art

Sample of what you can do with Inspirit – minus the music 🙂

WHAT is Inspirit?
Inspirit is a relaxing painting app for creative souls that lets you create mesmerizing mandalas and kaleidoscope artworks and watch them slowly evolve in time.

WHY was it created?
The application beautifully combines art, spiritual and relaxing elements. It is an endlessly regenerating well that allows to unwind in the most artistic way.

WHO is it for?
Inspirit is designed for creative young and old souls. Simply paint, meditate and feel the moment of simple presence.


  • Paint beautiful animated swirling patterns and kaleidoscope artworks
  • Huge expression variability
  • Choose between various brush types or create your own
  • Create eye-pleasing gradients and color variations
  • Switch between mandala and kaleidoscope visual modes
  • Add captivating glow effects
  • Rotate & Zoom with multitouch
  • Share your art with your friends on social networks
  • Save images to your Photo Library
  • Windows, Mac OS and iOS

Inspirit was the first software I bought from Escape Motion.
It’s my go-to place to relax and doodle, to regenerate my spirit.

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