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Rebelle 5 is a perfect solution for artists seeking the realistic behavior of wet and dry painting mediums in digital form.

The first painting software with physical color mixing based on traditional pigments.

I’m going to let the Tutorial for Rebelle 5 do the talking.


Papers, Canvases & Lithography Stones

In addition to more than 100 paper, canvas, and lithography stone presets created exclusively for Rebelle, Escape Motion is now offering full-color papers, providing more details and realistic textures! From the standard watercolor Cold Pressed and Japanese Washi through exotic Yucca and Kapok all the way to Raw and Fine Lithography Stones, these extraordinary textures will give your digital paintings a traditional touch.

Time lapse of water color painting

You can see the paint spreading like it would in real life on real paper

Rebelle 5 vs Rebelle 5 PRO

Get Rebelle 5 and start creating!

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