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I wrote about Symbaloo as a Home Page/Bookmark Manager.
When Symbaloo was down I realized how totally lost I am without it. So I decided to get a backup and settled on Bookmark Ninja.

This is rapidly getting to be my favourite way to access all the pages I use often.

  • Bookmark Ninja is an online bookmark manager and organizer.
  • No synchronization required, you can instantly access your bookmarks on your desktop computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone anytime.
  • No application needs to be installed.
  • All the popular browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Brave etc.
  • Import your current bookmarks from your browser or any other bookmark manager
  • The HTML bookmarks file is a standard format that is supported by all the web browsers and bookmark managers.
  • Use either the ‘Add to Ninja’ browser extension or bookmarklet for bookmarking a page. Optionally you can also add tags and notes to the bookmarks.
  • Tag autocomplete and detection of already bookmarked pages help you add the bookmarks quickly.
  • All bookmarks in the bookmark manager are private by default, sharing is available optionally
  • Shared Tabs can be accessed with a link, optional password protection is available.

Dashboard view

The Dashboard has Tabs, Tabs have Categories, the bookmarks are in the Category boxes.

The Dashboard is fully customizable: you can change its layout to 3, 4 or 5 columns, you can change the color of the Tabs, Categories and bookmarks and you can also change the order and position of the items with drag and drop.

Alphabetical sorting and search tools for finding Categories and bookmarks are also available.

Bookmark view

The My Bookmarks view is a detailed list view of your bookmarks. You can browse the bookmarks by tags or you can also run advanced searches.

The Catalog, which is a dedicated storage for archiving your old or less frequently used bookmarks, can be also accessed on the My Bookmarks page.

Run bulk operations on multiple selected bookmarks to keep your bookmarks organized: move/delete bookmarks or add/remove/replace tags.

The Find Duplicate and Find Dead Links tools help you keep your bookmarks clean.

Bookmark Ninja has a free 30 day trial and then it costs US$1.99 a month.

I have n horse in this race. I simply like the App!