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Tired of having 89 tabs open on your computer?
Tired of rooting through your bookmarks for a certain link?
Looking for an easy and FREE way to access all your favourite websites from one Home page?
Symbloo is your answer.

I will only review the free version here for the average computer user. There is a paid version for teachers that has a whole range of features such as Leaning Paths that I have not explored. (Also available for School and Districts with industrial strength Learning Paths.)

Symbaloo is a cloud-based site that allows you to organize and categorize web links in the form of buttons.

Symbaloo works from any web browser.
Save, organize and share your favorite websites by using tiles to store links to websites, videos, web docs, and more. To work best you make Symbaloo your Home page.

The Symbaloo page has a grid of buttons that you can be configure to link to a specific page.
Save your links in tiles that you can customize with different colors, icons or images.

A page is called a Webmix and you can have several of those. For example you could have a webmix for news, another for recipes, whatever you need to sort in groups on a webmix.

I have Symbaloo as my Home page and I have 8 webmixes for 8 categories of websites. There are 8 tabs on my Home page.
My Home page Webmix, the top tab that opens, has eight rows and 18 columns with about 60 tiles I have grouped into subgroups.
So you can accommodate a lot of links on the real estate of just one webmix.
The nice thing about making your webmix as large as your screen allows is that the advertising is off screen.
Otherwise it looks like this with Google Ads on the side.

In the past year Symbaloo has been down twice. (For years before that it never had issues that I noticed.) But those tow times I realized just how vital Symbaloo is to me. Without my tiles in my webmixes I am dead in the water.

So I decided I needed to back up my tiles and am presently doing so to Bookmark Ninja. I shall review that service another day