About the Art & Artist

Susanne McMillan, Creator of Digital Art Images

Thank you for visiting Susanne McMillan Art.

Art has been part of me all my life.
Started out drawing when I first could hold a crayon. Worked in printing, moved on to website design – and now that I am retired I am finally realizing the designs that float around behind my eyelids.
And here they are, or at least some of them.

I am a German born US and Belizean citizen. My art does not reflect Germany, the USA or Belize. If something inspires me, I go for it. There is no theme, no style, no common subject. – Well, except for dogs, of course. – My aim is to create Beauty.

When AI came to the art scene I plunged in head first. No more scrounging for public domain or stock photos to integrate into my art.
Now I can create ALL of it myself.
When a significant part of my image is AI created I add that to my signature.